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time to make a video for my BookTube channel

It is 7:02 PM Saturday evening in the Flow inside the Now. I am thinking of doing a video this evening for my BookTube channel. The problem is that I have 52 used books to show book lovers and that is too many to discuss in a eight minute video. I do not like to make videos over eleven minutes because I have nothing mind blowing to share. Why bore my viewers? I admire the people in BookTube who can say everything there is to say about a book in a few minutes. I look inside my brain when it comes to books and everything is a big Now Mind all books are One. How to separate Reality that is a unity into segments? Pieces of information about the All/sound bites/speaking in unknown tongues.

I am striving all the time for the cumulative effect. The reason why I write so much is because I believe after maybe writing thousands of words maybe something has been written worth reading. I think maybe after making hundreds of videos maybe one of them will communicate something about books/why read books and not stare into your cell phone screen all the time. Better yet why not stare into the face of God throughout the day.

I have always found communicating frustrating so I remain quiet or seek to communicate with silence or a few words. I rarely talk to people outside my cell. What is there worth talking about when we all face Eternity. Hell and Heaven.

So here I sit once again mumbling to myself. I suppose I will close to figure it all out. In the end just go for it and be real.

time to make a video for my BookTube channel

time to make a video for my BookTube channel

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