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the space agency is working to get astronauts to Mars in the 2030's

It is in the flow of existence 4:46 PM Saturday. We had a bad thunder storm blow through this afternoon. We were under tornado watch for awhile.

Today the library used books store was not busy and it was not slow either. When not helping people I wandered the store and read. I brought home just two used books from the book nook to add to our book collection-

"The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against The World's Most Famous Scientist" biography by Fred Jerome

"Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job: How the Oldest Book in the Bible Answers Today's Scientific Questions" by Hugh Ross

When I got home from the library book nook Carol was doing stuff around the house. I have basically done nothing since getting home from the book nook. I am out of it. I can not focus on anything this evening.

I received in the mail today a used book I had ordered titled, "The Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made The Future" biography by Jenny Uglow. All I have attempted to read today is the book titled, "North of Now: A Celebration Of Country And The Soon To Be Gone" essays by W. D. Wetherell.

Well I suppose I will close to wander and look at a book I got out of our library titled, "Voltaire's England" Edited By Desmond Flower & Engravings By Hogarth.

Holland Farmer's Market
Holland Farmer's Market

Holland Farmer's Market

Holland Farmer's Market

Holland Farmer's Market

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