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19th-Aug-2016 02:56 pm

20th-Aug-2016 12:43 am (UTC)

I went for a rare walk over to Stanley Park on Wednesday. This is the largest inner city park in North America. I didn't see one songbird. Only Canada Geese (which nest around Lost Lagoon), and seagulls. I did catch a brief glimpse of one Flicker but that was only because of its unique cry. But in all that forest, though I only walked along one edge of it, I didn't see any small birds. It made me so sad. They are disappearing and I can't do anything to stop it.
20th-Aug-2016 10:01 am (UTC) - birds
I enjoy watching the birds from our kitchen window. If we lived out in the country we would see more different birds, but you take what you can get. I delight in the bright red colors of cardinals. peace
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