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Mormons begin crossing the Mississippi

It is 12:36 PM Friday afternoon in the death flow. Outside today it is hot and gray, ugly late Summer weather.

We left for a used books sale around 8 o'clock AM and got back here around 11:30 AM. It was not a good used books sale, but we did find a few books to add to our library. Here is a list of the used books I bought today-

"The Alexandra Quartet" four volumes slip case by Lawrence Darrell

"Beware Of Pity" a novel by Stefan Zweig Translated by Phyllis & Trevor Blewitt

"Rudyard Kipling: A Life" by Harry Ricketts

"Five Women" Stories by Robert Musil Translated from the German by Eithne Wilkins & Ernest Kaiser

"In The Night Of Time" a novel by Antonio Munoz Molina Translated from The Spanish By Edith Grossman

"A House of Air: Selected Writings" by Penelope Fitzgerald

"The Summer He Didn't Die" a novel by Jim Harrison

"William James: His Life And Thought" by Gerald E. Myers

"The Year of Decision 1846" American History by Bernard DeVoto

"Montana 1948" a novel by Larry Watson

"Open Heart" a novel by A. B. Yehoshua Translated by Dalya Bilu

"An Act of Terror" a novel by Andre Brink

After the used books sale we walked down to the South Haven Pier and then walked back to the car. I was covered with sweat and feeling dead to the world.

Last night I read my books and went to bed around 10 o'clock PM. I suppose I will close to face existence.

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