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he points out how empty present matters are and arouses our desire to love eternity

It is 5:58 PM Thursday evening in the death flow. Outside flesh is cooking at 93 degrees. In the light one can not hide.

I have had a normal day. Carol, Josiah, and Hannah went downtown to watch street performers. I stayed home because I do not like crowds. I have been reading the novel, "Pinkerton's Sister" by Peter Rushforth.

I do not remember doing much else today. Carol and I did go grocery shopping this morning. Josiah and Hannah came back here for the night. They are going back to Grand Rapids tomorrow to hang out with Caleb. Carol works Friday and Saturday. I plan to go into a contemplative state Friday and Saturday. I am waiting to go to Heaven.

I did take a nap this afternoon. So existence has gone by. I have no plans for the evening hours. I suppose I will close to wait for darkness to come.

a photo of our granddaughter Josephine Joy
Josie Joy

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