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phenomenology for the godforsaken

It is the death flow 5:12 PM Tuesday evening. I am totally out of it. I do not know if I am coming or going today.

I am extremely tired and find the task of thinking or writing difficult to say the least.

It is 83 degrees inside the house this evening and the heat is draining me of mental and physical strength.

Last night our son Josiah and his wife Hannah got into Holland around 9:30 PM. Right now Josiah and Hannah are in Grand Rapids. Josiah is attending a Christian leadership conference at Calvin College and Hannah had planned on working on her teaching work at the Calvin College library (Josiah and Hannah are both teachers and went they get back to their place in Washington State they immediately go back to work.).

Christian Leadership Conference Calvin College Grand Rapids Michigan

I am too tired to go into detail what I did today. I will close to feel completely blown out.

Before I sat down to write this moan I read some more of the novel "The Wallcreeper" by Nell Zink. Last night I mainly read "Faces In The Crowd" a novel by Valerin Luiselli Translated from the Spanish by Christina MacSweeney.

I suppose I should mention that this morning I looked at a book Josiah has been reading titled, "Incarnational Humanism: A Philosophy Of Culture For The Church In The World" by Jens Zimmermann. I have a book by Zimmermann in our library titled, "Recovering Theological Hermeneutics: An Incarnational Trinitarian Theory of Interpretation".


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