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each level of consciousness requires its own art from

It is 9:17 PM Monday night in the death flow. It was a normal day for this very old hermit. It got hot today so we turned on the A/C this afternoon. Old hermits can't take hot cells.

I did not go anywhere today due to the weather. It rained all morning and got hot during the afternoon hours. I stayed inside the house wandering my cell, writing in my paper diary and reading my books.

Carol got up around 5:30 PM because her clock said it was 6:30 PM. She went to work tonight around 7:45 PM and hopefully we will meet tomorrow morning. We never know if we will make it through the night.

This afternoon I read from these books-

"United States Essays 1952-1992" by Gore Vida

"Brothers Of The Quill: Oliver Goldsmith in Grub Street" Literary History by Norma Clarke

"1982, Janine" a novel by Alasdair Gray

I did look at my collection of Graham Greene writings etc. . . this evening. I started reading a biography titled, "Graham Greene: The Enemy Within" by Michael Shelden tonight.

There is no much else to report this evening. I am listening to death metal and pondering what I read today. Tomorrow is a Tuesday. Well, I will close to wait it out.

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