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It is in the death flow right NOW 10:30 AM Tuesday morning. I do not hear this morning any explosions so the Fourth of July must be over. Americans like explosives. We like weapons of destruction. Americans are in love with death.

I got up this morning around 8 o'clock AM. I slept late because I was wasted from last night. Fireworks explosions kept me up past Midnight. Now it is another day to figure out where I am at in the Flow.

I have done nothing this morning worth writing about. Well I suppose I will close to wait it out.

Last night I looked at the used books I bought at a Fourth of July Used Books Sale and made two videos for my BookTube channel. This morning I have been wandering my cell and reading "1982, Janine" a novel by Alasdair Gray.

Carol has come home from work and gone to bed for the day. She goes back to work tonight.

I have nothing important to do today. I am not sure if I am in the right state of mind to go someplace. Outside this morning it is gray and humid. Last night I shut up the house and turned on the central air system to keep out the noise of gunfire and explosions.

Well I suppose I will close to go brush my teeth and wait for It to happen.

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