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man has a conscience

It is in the death flow 2:13 PM Saturday afternoon. It is a cool sunny afternoon here where I am at. As I type these words I can feel myself falling asleep. I have not been sleeping soundly this week.

This morning we went to the Holland Farmer's Market and when we got home I got ready to leave to go to the local public library to volunteer at their used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM.

The book nook was not busy so I read and wandered the store till my replacement came. While at the used books store I read "The Adventures And Misadventures Of Maqroll" by Alvaro Mutis. I bought these used books at the library used books store to add to our library-

"In Sunlight And In Shadow" a novel by Mark Helprin

"Sense And Sensibility" a novel by Jane Austin

"Persuasion" a novel by Jane Austin

"Pride And Prejudice" a novel by Jane Austin

"Emma" a novel by Jane Austin

In the mail this afternoon I received a novel I had ordered titled, "1982, Janine" by Alasdair Gray Introduced by Will Self.

When I got home from the library used books store I ate lunch and cataloged the used books I bought today. Now I am writing these words and I feel myself fading quickly. I need to close now since I am about to pass out.

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