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angel food

It is 11:23 AM late Wednesday morning in the death flow. As I type these words I can hear off in the distance the tree killers destroying God's creation. Man hates God's creation that is why he is constantly seeking to destroy it.

It is a sunny day here where I am living out my few years of life. I have had thus far a normal day for a white middle class Christian. This morning I went to Goodwill, got my hair cut and went to a grocery store. At the Goodwill thrift store I found two used books-

"Gravity: Tilted Perspectives on Rocketships, Rollercoasters, Earthquakes, and Angel Food" essays by Joseph Lanza

"Winter Count" Nature Writing/essays by Barry Lopez

When I got home from my wanderings I ate lunch and now I am writing in my online diaries.

I have nothing to do but wait it out. My wife is sleeping and works tonight. Well I suppose I will close to drift through the day.

I have been mainly reading today a used book I picked yesterday titled, "The Adventures And Misadventures Of Maqroll" a novel by Alvaro Mutis Translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.

I plan to look at this novel this afternoon, "A Manuscript of Ashes" a novel by Antonio Munoz Molina Translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.

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