a list of the books mentioned in this video

"Creating Colette: From Ingenue To Libertine 1873-1913" Volume One by Claude Francis & Fernande Gontier

"Purity" a novel by Jonathan Franzen

"Down in the Zero" crime novel by Andrew Vachss

"The Eye In The Door" a novel by Pat Barker

"My Dream Of You" a novel by Nuala O'Faolain

"The Consolations Of Philosophy" essays by Alain de Botton

"How Proust Can Change Your Life" by Alain de Botton

"First Light" a novel by Peter Ackroyd

"Blake" a biography by Peter Ackroyd

"Albion: The Origins Of The English Imagination" by Peter Ackroyd

"Kitchen" a novel by Banana Yoshimoto Translated from the Japanese by Megan Backus

"N.P." a novel by Banana Yoshimoto Translated from the Japanese by Ann Sherif

"Iron Curtain: The Crushing Of Eastern Europe" by Anne Applebaum

"The Granta Book of the American Short Story" Volume One Edited and introduced by Richard Ford

"The Adventures And Misadventures Of Maqroll" a novel by Alvaro Mutis Translated from the Spanish By Edith Grossman

"The Shattered Lantern: Rediscovering A Felt Presence Of God" by Ronald Rolheiser

"The Glory of The Empire A Novel, A History" by Jean D'Ormesson Translated from the French by Barbara Bray

"The Bohemians: Mark Twain and the San Francisco Writers Who Reinvented American Literature" by Ben Tarnoff

"Literary San Francisco: A Pictorial History From Its Beginnings To The Present Day" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Nancy J. Peters

"Orwell:The Authorized Biography' by Michael Shelden

"George Orwell Diaries" Edited by Peter Davison

"Orwell The Life" biography by D. J. Taylor

"Graham Greene: The Enemy Within" biography by Michael Shelden

"Melville in Love: The Secret Life Of Herman Melville And The Muse Of Moby-Dick" biography by Michael Shelden

"Mark Twain Man in White: The Grand Adventure of His Final Years" biography by Michael Shelden

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