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the incorporation of the barbarians into the Empire

It is in the death flow 3:01 PM Monday afternoon. It has been a typical day for me thus far. I have found no reason to give up today.

I mowed the lawn this morning. As I was doing yard work the landscaper fellow came to trim a bush in our front yard and to trim our sidewalks.

This afternoon I have been wandering my cell and reading, "The Glory of The Empire A Novel, A History" by Jean D'Ormesson. In the mail this afternoon I received a used book I had ordered titled, "Orwell:The Authorized Biography' by Michael Shelden. I have two other biographies by Michael Shelden in our library-

"Graham Greene: The Enemy Within" biography by Michael Shelden

"Melville in Love: The Secret Life Of Herman Melville And The Muse Of Moby-Dick" biography by Michael Shelden

Not much else to report this afternoon. Carol is sleeping and I am drifting into the coming darkness.

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