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Vektor - Terminal Redux (Full Album)

Please explain the story a comment found in YouTube below the above music album-

An experimental astronaut caught in the hell-flame of a cosmic explosion finds the secret to immortality and transcends space to rule as a god king.

The subject returns home as master of death and gives his captors one chance to plead their case before leaving to establish his new techno-necromancer society through technological addiction and promise of eternal life to its converts

Using his new kingdom of immortal quasi-techno-drones he usurps the old government and installs himself as god-king and creates his new Utopian society

But entropy waits for no one and the void calls back it's own
All crumbles back into the sands of death

Looking out across the vast expanse of space between the galaxies the God King sees that time has put them beyond his reach. As he laments having but one Galaxy to conquer, unfulfilled he resigns back to the void from which he stole his now waning immortality.

In waning light on a thousand thousand dying worlds a chorus rises up to meet the impending doom. All fades to dark as the immortals fade into the sands of eternity's cold embrace

The God King raises his voice on final time in defiance of the cosmic order only to give up his gift in futility
Silence descends on the galaxy as the universe remembers them not at all.

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