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trees cut down across the street from our home

For the last couple of days a tree destruction company has been clearing a lot of forest across the street from us. I have heard the noise of trees being killed for a couple of days. This morning I decided to walk over and see the destruction of Nature and was amazed how fast the tree killers had worked! I would guess over thirty trees had been killed in the last couple of days. I was amazed how fast the tree killers had worked to clear the lot of trees for construction of a Old Folks Home! Just last week there was a beautiful acre of trees, now there a barren wasteland. On on this barren lot of land men will build a Rest Home for old people.

Now when we look across the street we won't see trees but a gray building housing men and women waiting to escape Nature for something beyond Nature.

a lot of trees destroyed

man laying wasted the earth

man destroying Nature

tree destroyer machine

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