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The Garden Book Tag

The Garden Book Tag:

1. Rambler Rose- An long read with multiple main characters and plot lines. It twists, turns, and puts on a show with language. The Bible King James translation

2. Hybrid Tea Rose- modern and long-lasting; a collection of memorable 20th or 21st century poetry or short stories that stay with you for a long time. Poetry HOWL Allen Ginsberg/ Short Stories "American Salvage" Stories by Bonnie Jo Campbell Also "Collected Stories" by Saul Bellow

3. Lilacs- a seasonally inspired book that you look forward to revisiting every year. "The Collected Works Of St. John of the Cross" THE DARK NIGHT

4. Bleeding Heart-a beautiful, dark work that broke your heart "Big Sur" a novel by Jack Kerouac

5. Queen Anne’s Lace- a work that is sometimes seen as a weed, but that you see for what it is. Great literature. John Updike's "Rabbit" Series

6. Forget-me-not- an early bloomer. A work you read early in life and will never forget. "An American Tragedy" a novel by Theodore Dreiser

7. Pansies- a classic that’s losing popularity. Once upon a time everyone had them in their garden/library, but now they’re being replaced with begonias. "A Portrait of a Lady" a novel by Henry James

8. Trillium- native to north America, in some provinces and states it’s illegal to pick these; a banned or challenged book "Tropic of Cancer" a novel by Henry Miller Also check out this book "Renegade: Henry Miller And The Making of Tropic Of Cancer" by Frederick Turner

9. Orchid- a work that was as challenging to read and maintain an orchid. "The Tunnel" a novel by William H. Gass

10. Fern- a book that sparked your initial interest in a topic before sporing into a whole tbr of books on that topic. Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays/19th century American Transcendentalism Also read these two books "Emerson: The Mind On Fire" a biography by Robert D. Richardson Jr. and "American Transcendentalism: A History" by Philip F. Gura


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