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low energy batteries

It is now in the flow 7:44 AM Thursday morning. Outside it is rainy, damp, and gray. Yesterday it was sunny and hot. We are having crazy weather here in West Michigan. We are in the Last Days.

I got up around 6:34 AM this morning. Carol got home from work around 4 o'clock AM and is now sleeping. She will get up around 11 o'clock AM and leave for the Grand Rapids Airport around Noon. I am not sure what I will do today since right now I feel like falling back to sleep. When I wake up to gray rainy weather I tend to want to close my eyes and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I do not remember much about last night. I can' remember anything any more. I went to bed early and now it is another day to wait for another day.

The landscaper came yesterday and cut back our jungle. It looks weird to walk around our home and see all the plants cut back. I feel super middle class now that we had landscaping done around our tomb.

Well I am falling asleep so I will close to feel wasted. I am always operating on low energy batteries.

I should mention that Carol picked up for me a book I have been wanting titled, "Melville in Love: The Secret Life of Herman Melville and the Muse of Moby-Dick" by Michael Shelden.

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