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the concept of art as a new religion

It is now in the flow 10:01 AM Monday morning. I have been up since 4:55 AM and right now I feel totally spaced. I got woke up by our dog Rudy wanting to go outside to go to the bathroom. Once I was up I could not turn off my mind so I stayed up. I wrote in my paper diary and read my books on the painter Paul Gauguin. Now it is 10:02 AM and existence is decaying faster and faster. Next to me is a book titled, "Symbolism" by Robert Goldwater. This morning I was reading Goldwater's book on Paul Gauguin.

Carol is out walking the dog. The morning flies by. I am no plans for the day ahead of me. I am too tired to think so I will close to face It.

Last night I read my books on Paul Gauguin till 11:30 PM.

Paul Gauguin

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