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a glory upon the soul

It is in the death flow 9:04 AM Monday morning. It is a chilly cloudy sunny day here by Lake Michigan. A good day to stare into a broken mirror.

I got up around 5:30 AM this morning. Our dog woke me up making noises in the kitchen where we lock him in at night. So I got up and let the dog out of his enclosed area. I made a fresh pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal for a morning meal. I next messed with our main computer and then wrote some words in my paper diary.

Around 7 o'clock AM I drove our car to a near by auto repair shop to have the oil changed. While waiting for the oil change to be accomplished I read ON WALKING WITH GOD by Jeremiah Burroughs. The car was done by 8 o'clock AM so I drove home to find Carol up drinking coffee and reading a novel. So has gone by existence thus far. Not much else to report.

Last night I felt wasted all evening. I read an essay by Geoff Dyer in his new book of essays "White Sands" and went to bed early. Now it is another day.

I plan to visit local thrift stores this morning in search of literary treasures. Carol just left to do errands. Our lives are fleeing by like a paper bag being blown across a deserted street in some old cow town in the badlands of New Mexico. I will close to face It.

a painting by James Ensor

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