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Bryce Gassner
I know you've said that you been through seminary before. I was wondering: did you learn any Greek, Hebrew, or Latin?

Jonny Keen
I recall you or someone asking me this question lately-I can't seem to remember who or what video-I wrote a long answer to the Question when I was in seminary did I learn any Greek, Hebrew, or Latin? No I did not learn any New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew. I never took Latin in High School, College or Seminary. To be honest I hardly American English. I am always tongue tied. I know very few words and find myself often speechless or coming off foolish. I wish I could locate the answer to this question because it was a beauty of a answer. I did try to learn NT Greek in Bible College but failed. I did hire a fellow to teach me NT Greek but he said i was hopeless. I also tried to learn NT Greek in seminary but could not do it or OT Hebrew. If one can not learn New Testament Greek it is impossible to learn Old Testament Hebrew. The main problem I discovered in taking classes in biblical languages is that I do not know anything about English Grammar. I do not know what a sentence is or a verb on and on it goes. I am not a learned man. I have read a lot over the years but when it comes to actual practical knowledge I come up a flat zero. I am always amazed I graduated from High School, College and Seminary. I am suppose to be an educated man, but in reality I know nothing but God and the Bible.

So no I never learned NT Greek or OT Hebrew-I have a Master's Divinity Diploma and not a Master's of Divinity Degree-I should ADD that due to not taking Greek or Hebrew in seminary I built my library to be an Exegetical Library-plus while in seminary I took every NT elective and OT elective-also every Systematic Theology elective-it always amazes me that I went to college for four years and seminary for three and half year-then a two year internship in a Presbyterian church and then it all came to an end-meaning I never got a call from a church to be an ordained minister-before I retired 10 years ago I was a farm laborer/hauled unloaded eggs off farm trucks-well thanks for stopping by peace.

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