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Current Reading Tag

1. How many books do you usually read at once? I usually read ten books at a time.

2. If you're reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch to reading the other book (do you read a certain amount of pages in each?) I read my Christian books in the morning and my non-Christian books in the afternoons/evening. I read different books throughout the day-Christian books, novels, essays, history, short stories etc. . .

3. Do you ever switch bookmarks while you're part way through a book? no

4. Where do you keep the book you're currently reading? I keep my Christian books in my main study on my desk and I keep in our living room on a coffee table the non-Christian books that I am currently reading.

5. What time of day do you spend the most time reading? I read all day long into the night. A couple of months ago I stopped watching TV at night and now I read during the evening hours. I usually read till 11 o'clock PM sometimes past Midnight.

6. How long do you typically read for in one go? I read all day long but I do take breaks to write in my diary and in my online diaries (eat food, mess with our main computer, when my wife is up do stuff with her like grocery shopping, fed the birds, sit in silence pondering etc. . . ) I can read several hours at a time. I am able to block out everything when I am reading. I like to read when the house is silent and my wife is sleeping (my wife is a night nurse and sleeps during the day).

7. Do you read hard covers with the dust jacket on or off? I read my the dust covers on if the book has a dust cover.

8. Which position do you mainly use to read? I usually read sitting at my desk or sitting in our dining room. I sometimes sit in a reading chair in our living room. Sometimes I will take a book to read in bed. Sometimes I read down in the lower level of our home where we have our main library.

9. Do you take the book you're currently reading with you everywhere you go? I always take with me in my saddle bag a camera and a book.

10. How often do you update your progress in the book you're currently reading on goodreads? I have not updated my reading progress in goodreads in a very long time.

11. Who would you like to tag? I tag anyone who watches these videos.

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