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17th Century Puritan Literature/Jeremiah Burroughs

Books mentioned in this video on 17th Century Puritan Literature-

"Open City" a novel by Teju Cole

"Diary of a Bad Year" a novel by J. M. Coetzee

"The Money Cult: Capitalism, Christianity, And The Unmaking Of The American Dream" by Chris Lehmann

"Edvard Munch: Behind The Scream" biography by Sue Prideaux

"Paul Gauguin: A Life" biography by David Sweetman

"Mary Renault: A Biography" by David Sweetman

"Explosive Acts: Toulouse-Lautrec, Oscar Wilde, Felix Feneon And The Art & Anarcy Of The Fin De Siecle" by David Sweetman

"The Saints' Happiness, Together With The Several Steps Leading Thereto. Delivered In Divers Lectures On The Beatitudes; Being Part Of Christ's Sermon On The Mount, Contained In The Fifth Of Matthew" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"A Treatise of Early-Mindedness" by Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646)

"Gospel Conversation Wherein is shown the conversation of believers must be above what could be by the light of nature, beyond those who lived under the Law, and suitable to what truths the gospel holds forth." by Jeremiah Burroughs

"Gospel Fear" (Sermons on Isaiah 66:2) To this man will I look, even to him that trembleth at My Word. by Jeremiah Burroughs

"Irenicum: Healing the Divisions Among God's People" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"The Saint's Treasure" Sermons by Jeremiah Burroughs

"Gospel Reconciliation or Christ's Trumpet of Peace to the World" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"Gospel Remission or A Treatise Showing that True Blessedness Consists in Pardon of Sin Wherein is Discovered: The Many Gospel Mysteries Therein Contained. The Glorious Effects Proceeding from It. The True Signs and Symptoms of It. The Ways and Means to Obtain It" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"The Evil of Evils or The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"Hope" by Jeremiah Burroughs

"A Commentary On The Prophecy Of Hosea" by Jeremiah Burroughs

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