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my spiritual heritage

It is now in the death flow 1:31 PM Tuesday afternoon. I did go to nearby thrift stores today in search of more used books to throw on the heap. I found these used books-

"State of Wonder" a novel by Ann Patchett

"The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy" biography by David Nasaw

"The Commoner" a novel by John Burnham Schwartz

"The River Beyond The World" a novel by Janet Perry

"The Raj Quartet" by Paul Scott

After visiting local thrift stores I came home to wait out the rest of this day. I have no plans for the rest of the day. I read this morning THE DARK NIGHT by St. John of the Cross. I am a little tired this afternoon so I might lay down in the lower level in the dark. I do not expect anything mind blowing to come in the mail this afternoon. I need to cut back on my spending habits. It can become addictive wanting fresh books and CD's flowing into my cell. I need to go on a diet. I need to realize the emptiness of the material world.

I will close to face the grim truth.

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