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in God we trust

It is in the death flow 2:15 PM Sunday afternoon. It will soon be time for me to close down for the day. I usually start shutting down for the day around 3 o'clock PM.

I am really not in the mood to write. I do not have to write in my four online diaries, but in the end it is not difficult to write down nothing. I am good at writing about nothing. There is nothing.

I find as I sit here I am falling asleep. I got to keep awake because if I fall asleep I won't sleep tonight when I go to bed.

Carol left this afternoon to visit her older brother in a hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan.

I have been wandering my cell and reading my books. I have been mainly reading today my new book "The Money Cult: Capitalism, Christianity, And The Unmaking Of The American Dream" by Chris Lehmann.

Last night I basically sat in the dark and went to bed early. I did make a video last night for BookTube channel.

Well I will close to drift into the coming darkness.

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