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a mindful immersion under the full moon

It is in the death flow 7:13 AM Friday morning here in West Michigan. I am not fully here due to the fact I hardly slept last night. It was super hot in our bedroom last night so I hardly slept. I am thinking of going back to bed down in the lower level where it is cool and dark. It feels like it is going to rain this morning. It is 82 degrees and very humid right now.

I got up around 6:15 AM made a pot of coffee and came here to the main computer to check for e-mail, read online diaries and read music reviews. Carol is still sleeping. I should go park my van on the street so Jim the builder/plumber can get in and out of our garage.

Last night I basically read my books and messed with our main computer. I went to bed early and now it is another day.

I received these two used books in the mail yesterday-

"Abroad: British Literary Traveling Between The Wars" by Paul Fussell

"Dhalgren" Science Fiction by Samuel R. Delany

The last book I attempted to read last night was a book titled, "Nabokov In America: On The Road To Lolita" by Robert Roper.

I will close since I am feeling sick wasted.

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