the fire of love

It is in the divine flow 11:26 AM Sunday morning Eastern Standard Time. It is a nice late Spring day. Next month we will be going into the Summer Season. Another Spring will be over and then comes hot Summer days. Our lives are speeding by and we will all be standing before God to give an account of our lives.

I got woke up this morning around 5 o'clock AM by Rudy wanting to go outside to go to the bathroom. When I got up I found out front door open. Carol had gotten up during the night to let Rudy go out to go to the bathroom and forgot to close the front door when she went back to bed.

I went back to bed around 6 o'clock AM down in the lower level and got up around 8 o'clock AM. I found Carol up cooking herself breakfast. I ate some toast with a cup of coffee and then wrote in my paper diary.

This morning I have been reading for devotions, "The Dark Night" by St. John of the Cross. Carol went to church this morning and sometime this afternoon our oldest son Caleb and his wife and daughter will be here for a family visit.

Not much else to report. I will close to wait. Existence keeps speeding by!

Holland Farmer's Market
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