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the old self was crucified with Christ

It is 10:11 AM Wednesday morning in the flow of existence. This morning the sun is shining which is nice. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain.

I got up this morning around 6:30 AM. I drank this morning coffee I made last night. I messed with our main computer and then I wrote in my paper diary. Carol got home from work around 8:45 AM and went to bed for the day. She is now off six nights from work. We are taking care of our granddaughter Josie Joy for four days this week.

This morning I have been reading, "Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? A Narrative Approach To The Problem Of Pauline Christianity" by J. R. Daniel Kirk. This afternoon I cover for someone at the library book nook from 3 o'clock PM till 5 o'clock PM. Besides that I have nothing to do today. I might mow the lawn sometime today. I might rake some more dirt on my wild flower plot of earth. Right now I feel like closing my eyes and just drifting.

Last night I read some more of the book, "The Other Paris" by Luc Sante and made videos for my BookTube channel. I went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Now it is another day to wander in circles.

Well, I suppose I will close to drift.

white-throated sparrow

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