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Below is a list of books old and new mentioned in my recent BookTube channel-

"Paris Vagabond" by Jean-Paul Clebert

"The Other Paris" by Luc Sante

"Paris Was A Woman: Portraits From The Left Bank" biography by Andrea Weiss

"Elizabeth Bowen: Portrait of a Writer" biography by Victoria Glendinning

"Busy Monsters" a novel by William Giraldi

The Fourfold Gospel: A Theological Reading of the New Testament Portraits of Jesus by Francis Watson

This groundbreaking approach to the study of the fourfold gospel offers a challenging alternative to prevailing assumptions about the creation of the gospels and their portraits of Jesus. How and why does it matter that we have these four gospels? Why were they placed alongside one another as four parallel yet diverse retellings of the same story?

Francis Watson, widely regarded as one of the foremost New Testament scholars of our time, explains that the four gospels were chosen to give a portrait of Jesus. He explores the significance of the fourfold gospel's plural form for those who constructed it and for later Christian communities, showing that in its plurality it bears definitive witness to what God has done in Jesus Christ. Watson focuses on reading the gospels as a group rather than in isolation and explains that the fourfold gospel is greater than, and other than, the sum of its individual parts. Interweaving historical, exegetical, and theological perspectives, this book is accessibly written for students and pastors but is also of interest to professors and scholars.

A Treatise On True Theology With The Life Of Franciscus Junius Translated By David C. Noe

Franciscus Junius (1545–1602) was an influential pastor and professor during the developmental years of Reformed orthodoxy. As a skilled linguist, biblical exegete, and theologian, Junius shaped the Reformed tradition in profound ways.

Junius’s Treatise on True Theology is a scholastic introduction to the discipline of theology. He reflects on the definition of theology, where it comes from, and the variety of modes it takes. This book set a lasting pattern for many Reformed theologians in their approach to dogmatics, establishing a benchmark for theological prolegomena for years to come. Accompanying this work is The Life of Franciscus Junius, which provides an autobiographical account of the tumultuous days of Junius’s life and the complex circumstances that the Reformed churches faced during the French and Spanish wars of religion.

Although Junius’s significance in the history of Protestant theology is increasingly valued by historians, most of his impressive body of works is not available to English-speaking readers. David C. Noe’s fine translation of these two important writings will certainly rectify this deficit. Readers are further aided by Willem van Asselt’s valuable introductory essay, which offers a scholarly perspective on the treatise and on Junius’s life and work in the context of the rise of Reformed scholasticism and orthodoxy.

Christian Dogmatics: Reformed Theology For The Church Catholic Edited by Michael Allen & Scott R. Swain

This one-volume introduction to systematic theology draws deeply on the catholic and Reformed heritage to present the major doctrines of the Christian faith, displaying the power of theological retrieval for the church's renewal. Leading Reformed theologians offer the "state of the question" on standard theological topics and engage in both exegetical and historical retrieval for the sake of theological analysis. Christian Dogmatics represents the exciting new theological trajectory of Reformed catholicity and will serve professors and students in systematic theology or Christian doctrine courses well. It will also be of interest to pastors and church leaders.
Introduction Michael Allen and Scott R. Swain
1. Knowledge of God Michael Allen
2. Holy Scripture Kevin J. Vanhoozer
3. Divine Attributes Michael Allen
4. Divine Trinity Scott R. Swain
5. Covenant of Redemption Scott R. Swain
6. Creation out of Nothing John Webster
7. Providence John Webster
8. Anthropology Kelly M. Kapic
9. Sin Oliver D. Crisp
10. Incarnation Daniel J. Treier
11. The Work of Christ Accomplished Donald Macleod
12. The Work of Christ Applied Richard Gaffin
13. The Law of God and Christian Ethics Paul T. Nimmo
14. The Church Michael Horton
15. Sacraments Todd Billings
16. Kingdom of God Michael Horton

Godly Prayer And Its Answers by John Brown of Wamphray

Product Description

Godly Prayer and Its Answers is an extended meditation upon Christ’s promise in John 14:13–14, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” However, in the process of touching upon everything stated and implied in the text, Brown produces a full and complete treatment of the doctrine of prayer in a manner calculated to promote the exercise of faith in Jesus Christ.
Table of Contents:
1. The Words and Their Connection with What Precedes Cleared
2. The Prerequisites to the Duty of Prayer
3. The Nature of Prayer
4. Some Considerations Hence Deduced
5. Prayer Cleared to be a Duty
6. The Greatness of the Sin of Neglecting Prayer Manifested
7. The Unregenerate Are Obliged to Pray
8. The Necessity and Usefulness of Family Prayer Manifested
9. Whence Comes So Much Averseness to Prayer
10. Some Encouragements to Prayer Mentioned
11. The Object of Worship in Prayer
12. Some Mistakes in the Mind Pointed at Which Should Be Guarded against in Us Praying to God
13. The Right Manner of Prayer Enforced from That It is God to Whom We Pray
14. The Right Way of Prayer Further Cleared from God Being a Father
15. In Whose Name Prayer Is to Be Made
16. What It Is to Pray in Christ’s Name
17. How We Ask in Prayer and Not in the Name of Christ
18. Use of Trial, Whether We Ask in the Name of Christ or Not
19. Encouragements to and in Prayer from Christ’s Name
20. What We Are to Ask
21. Some Uses Mentioned of the Previous Truth
22. The Answer of Prayer
23. God’s Answering of Prayers Cleared
24. Some Objections Answered
25. A Second Use Showing That We Should Look for Our Answer and the Evils of Neglecting This
26. How Returns of Prayer May Be Observed and Rightly Improved
27. Some Further Improvement of This Truth Particularly Enforcing the Manner of Prayer
28. How Christ Gives Out the Answers to Prayers Presented to God
29. How God Is Glorified in Christ Answering Prayers
30. What Is Imported by Christ Repeating the Promise

John Brown of Wamphray (c. 1610–1679) was a Scottish minister who was imprisoned for opposing episcopal rule and subsequently exiled to the Netherlands.

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