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Thrift Store Finds

Below is a list of used books found at thrift stores that I displayed and briefly described in my last BookTube video. In the video I butchered the names of writers and books titles. What can I say, but that I am uneducated and that I try my hardest not to come off as a total bumpkin.

"Explosive Acts: Toulouse-Lautrec, Oscar Wilde, Felix Feneon, And The Art & Anarchy Of The Fin De Siecle" biography by David Sweetman

Fin de siècle

"Lautrec: Unpublished Correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec" Edited by Lucien Goldschmidt & Herbert Schimmel

"Benjamin Franklin" biography by Edmund S. Morgan

"The Vanishing Act Of Esme Lennox" a novel by Maggie O'Farrell

"The Buddha From Brooklyn" biography by Martha Sherrill

"Half-Life" a novel by V. S. Naipaul

"This Side of Brightness" a novel by Colum McCann

"The Doctor's Daughter" a novel by Hilma Wolitzer

"Remembering Denny" a memoir by Calvin Trillin

"Babal Tower" a novel by A. S. Byatt

"Country Girl" a memoir by Edna O'Brien

"Heart Earth" a memoir by Ivan Doig

"Pulse" Stories by Julian Barnes

"The Map Of Love" a novel by Ahdaf Soueif

"The Years" a novel by Virginia Woolf

"A Mother And Two Daughters" a novel by Gail Godwin

"Evening At Five" A Novel and Five New Stories" by Gail Godwin

"Palimpsest" a memoir by Gore Vidal

"New Testament Essays" by Raymond E. Brown

"The Gospel According To John I-XII" [The Anchor Bible Commentary] by Raymond E. Brown

"The Gospel According To John XIII-XXI" [The Anchor Bible Commentary] by Raymond E. Brown

"The Community of the Beloved Disciple: The Life, Loves, and Hates of an Individual Church in New Testament Times" by Raymond E. Brown

"Madeleine's Ghost" a novel by Robert Girardi

"We Are Not Ourselves" a novel by Matthew Thomas

"Blue Arabrsque: A Search for the Sublime" Art History/Memoir by Patricia Hampl

"Death Be Not Proud" a memoir by John Gunther

"Inside: The Biography Of John Gunther" biography by Ken Cuthbertson Foreword by William L. Shirer

"The World As I Found It" a novel by Bruce Duffy

"50 Secrets Of Magic Craftsmanship" by Salvador Dali

"Homage To Salvador Dali" Special Issue of the XXe Siecle Review

"The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali" by Salvalor Dali

"Life Studies" Stories by Susan Vreeland

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