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poor people

It is now 1:55 PM Tuesday afternoon in the stream of consciousness. Here is a short list of books I have been looking since last night. Last night I should mention I made two videos for my BookTube channel in YouTube. I read my books and went to bed and read till I got sleepy. I had disturbing dreams last night. I still feel shaken inside due to those dreams.

List of books looked at recently-

"The Mirror Of Art: Critical Studies" by Charles Baudelaire

"The Parisian Prowler" by Charles Baudelaire (Translated By Edward K. Kaplan)

"History's Double: Cultural Tourism in Twentieth-Century French Writing" by Andrea Loselle

"We All Went To Paris: Americans in the City of Light 1776-1971" biography by Stephen Longstreet

"The Greater Journey: Americans In Paris" biography by David McCullough

"Gone To New York: Adventures In The City" essays by Ian Frazier

"Poor People" by William T. Vollmann

"Modern Times, Modern Places: How Life And Art Were Transformed In A Century Of Revolution, Innovation, And Radical Change" by Peter Conrad

I am not sure what I will do next. I suppose I should go write some more in my paper diary. I should mention that while out visiting thrift stores I stopped at a Office Supply Store and got supplies for diary writing. I love visiting office supply stores! I love paper and pens! I am thankful even though I am not smart I can write and read. Well time to face the flow of Time. No one can escape growing old and then dying.

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