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Kant's philosophy epitomizes the move from providence to progress

It is in the flow of the will of a Sovereign God 8:24 PM Tuesday night Eastern Standard TIME. I had a normal quiet day. It was a day hermits would fine delightful.

I really did not wake up till late afternoon. I dozed for a couple of hours in a easy chair in our simple living room. I woke up around 2 o'clock PM. Carol did not get home till 4 o'clock PM from visiting a friend and family. She had a good time taking out Emily and a baby Josie to her favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids for lunch. She is now at work and won't be home till around 8:50 AM tomorrow morning. I do not know how my dear sweet wife can go for hours and hours without sleep. If I do not get a solid seven hours of sleep I am a pool of dung.

So I finally got my engines going around 2 o'clock PM and got into the book. "Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics: A Comprehensive Framework for Hearing God In Scripture" by Craig G. Bartholomew. I am really enjoying this book by Bartholomew. I wish I had someone to share this book with, but there is no one in the whole absolute world/Christendom who reads the books I read in my condition of spiritual exile. I was reminded of this fact this morning when a plumber from my wife's church came to look at what he could do to make our downstairs/basement/lower level nice looking after years of neglect. This nice plumber is a member of my wife's church, a real nice fellow with a wife and a bunch of kids-while down in the lower level one can not but SEE all my books-the plumber is called Monster Plumber-my wife told the Christian plumber my husband is a Monster Book Collector so when you come down into the lower level of our house you will see thousands of BOOKS-the Christian fellow was not blown away by our Christian Library-I realize that when the majority of people in the world SEE our library they SEE nothing but books and nothing else-books mean nothing to them-they have left the world of books for the materialistic world of our American culture-books are alien to their world and life Existence. I know I am not a plumber so I do not see the world the way a plumber sees the material world.

So the day went by normal. I have no plans for the evening hours. Right now I am listening to music and waiting to go to bed. Tomorrow is a Wednesday. Life keeps speeding by.

We received a phone call today from our daughter Bethany. Right now her youngest brother Josiah and his Hannah wife are visiting Bethany and her family there in the Southwest. Carol and I experience delight when our children visit each other/one another.

I just remembered I read a short story this evening by Paul Bowles titled 'Pages from Cold Point' in a book titled, "Collected Stories 1939-1976" by Paul Bowles. One of my BookTube friends mentioned this short story in a comment on my video on Iris Murdoch.

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