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March 2016 Book Haul

list of books mentioned in this video

"Nickel Mountain" a novel by John Gardner (I already have this novel, but my edition is an old paperback this edition is a hardback with nice illustrations with slip cover.)

"Sunnyside" a novel by Glen David Gold

"Carter Beats The Devil" a novel by Glen David Gold

"A Case of Curiosities" a novel by Allen Kurzweil

"Stendhal" a biography by Wallace Fowlie

"In the Fall" a novel by Jeffrey Lent

"Inherent Vice" a novel by Thomas Pynchon

"Man In The Modern World: Selected Essays from Man Stands Alone and On Living in a Revolution" by Julian Huxley

"Meredith" a biography by Siegfried Sassoon

"Reflections on a Marine Venus" travel memoir by Lawrence Durrell

"Through The Dark Labyrinth: A Biography of Lawrence Durrell" by Gordon Bowker

"Pursued By Furies: A Life of Malcolm Lowrey" by Gordon Bowker

"Under The Volcano" a novel by Malcolm Lowrey

"The Last Laugh" essays by S.J. Perelman

"The Third Reich" a novel by Roberto Bolano [Translated From The Spanish By Natasha Wimmer]

"The Savage Detectives" a novel by Roberto Bolano

"2666" a novel by Roberto Bolano

"The Emperor's Body" a novel by Peter Brooks

"The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" a novel by Roddy Doyle

"Songs for the Missing" a novel by Stewart O'Nan

"The Alley's Of Eden" a novel by Robert Olen Butler

"The Best Year of Their Lives: Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon In 1948 Learning the Secrets of Power" biography by Lance Morrow

"Colossus: The Price of America's Empire" American History by Niall Ferguson

"The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy" a novel by Rachel Joyce

"Before You Sleep" a novel by Linn Ullmann

"Martin Dressler: The Tale of an American Dreamer" a novel by Steven Millhauser

"Gore Vidal: A Biography" by Fred Kaplan

"The Essential Gore Vidal" Edited by Fred Kaplan

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