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the church is an intermingling of the good and the bad

It is in the death flow 2:12 PM Sunday afternoon. The day thus far has been extremely normal. It is in the 50's today and the wind has been howling. It is suppose to rain sometime today and turn cold.

I got up this morning around 7:30 AM and basically have done nothing. I have had a difficult time staying awake today. When not struggling to keep my eyes open I have been reading from these two books-

"Moral Reflections on the Book of Job" Volume 2 Books 6-10" by Gregory the Great

"Infinite Jest" a novel by David Foster Wallace

I did make this morning a book collecting video for my YouTube channel. This day has quietly gone by. Not much else to report this afternoon. Tomorrow is the last day of February 2016.

Last night I watched television and then read late into the night the novel, "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace.

Well since I am falling asleep I will close to drift. Carol is in the dining room right now reading the Wall Street Journal.

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