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the Spirit's illuminating work

It is now in the ice snow flow 8:24 PM Wednesday night. I am down in the lower messing with my lap top. I do not know why I came down here in the first place. I think I came down here to quote from the book I have been reading today titled, "Reformed Catholicity: The Promise of Retrieval for Theology and Biblical Interpretation" by Michael Allen & Scott R. Swain. But now I am not sure if I want to spend the Time needed to quote from this very interesting book.

I drove my wife to work this evening due to the bad winter weather. Now I am alone and not sure what I want to do the rest of the evening. I stopped watching television so I could spend more Time reading my books. So I should read till it is time for me to call it a day a night and go to bed.

I thought of making a book collecting video this evening, but this weekend. This coming Friday my wife and I are going to a local used book sale. There will be for sale a half million used books at this used book sale. I will make a video after this giant used books sale to show what used books I found to ADD to our library.

I thought I could this evening write out some more reflections from reading the book, "Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life" by Richard Rohr. Every page I read in this short book (198 pages) provokes a flood of thoughts in my brain. I could write a book just writing out what I disagree and agree with in this book! And who wants to read all my reflections on true biblical spirituality and false spirituality?

I have been wondering about the titled of this book by Rohr "a spirituality for the Two Halves of Life". Does Rohr mean the first half of life is being unconverted and the second half of life is being saved by God/regeneration?conversion? I do not think so because Rohr teaches everyone is already indwelt by the Mystery. I suppose Rohr thinks there comes a time in ones life when he or she awakens to the Mystery. Rohr writes on page 12 "Theologically and objectively speaking, we are already in union with God. But it is very hard for people to believe or experience this when they have no positive sense of identity, little courage yet, no strong boundaries to contain Mystery, and little inner religious experience at any depth. . ."

Rohr goes on to write on page 13 ". . . By definition, authentic God experience is always "too much"! It consoles our True Self only after it has devastated our false self. We must begin to be honest about this instead of dishing out fast-food religion. . . Early-stage religion is largely preparing you for the immense gift of this burning, this inner experience of God, as though creating a proper stable into which Christ can be born."

I am not sure what Rohr is talking about, but I think that what has to happen in the beginning of ones spiritual life is first being regenerated and then repenting of their sins. Rohr writes about "the false self". I would say instead that in order for a person to come to God, to "experience God" he has to see he is a hell deserving sinner. He has to be humbled or made to see he is full of sin and can do nothing to save himself. I like to quote here from one of my favorite books titled, "The Christian's Great Interest" by William Guthrie (first published in 1658 Scotland)-

"First, The Lord discovers a sight of men's sin and misery to them, to chase them out of themselves, and to put them out of conceit of their own righteousness. Men naturally have high thoughts of themselves, and incline much to the covenant of works; the Lord therefore discovers to them so much of their sin and corruption, even in their best things, that they are made to loathe themselves, and despair of relief in themselves; and so they are forced to flee out of themselves, from the covenant of works, to seek refuge elsewhere [Heb. 6:18.] 'They become dead to themselves, and the law,' as to the point of justification. [Rom 7:4.] Then 'have they no more confidence in the flesh.' [Phil 3:3.] This is supposed in the offices of Christ 'coming to seek and save that which is lost' [Luke 19:10]; and 'to be a physician to those who are sick.' [Matt 9:12.]

The second great end is, to commend Christ Jesus to men's hearts above all things, that so they may fall in love with Him, and betake themselves to that treasure and jewel which only enricheth [Matt 13:44]; and by so doing may serve the Lord's design in the contrivance of the gospel, which was the manifestation of His free grace through Christ Jesus in the salvation of men. The sight of a man's own misery and lost estate by nature is a ready way to make him prize Christ highly, who alone can set such a wretch at liberty; yea, it is not only leadeth a man to a high esteem of Christ, but also of all things that relate to that way of salvation, as grace, the new covenant, faith, etc., and maketh him carefully gather and treasure up his Michtams, or golden scriptures, for the confirmation of his interest in these things." pg. 56,57 William Guthrie

I find Richard Rohr to be vague and confusing. I recommend reading the Bible and books like "The Christian's Great Interest" by William Guthrie on what is true biblical Christian Spirituality/True Religion.

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