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a sense of Christ is rare, even in religion

“Year by year, in the liturgical cycle, the church repeats her pilgrimage to the source of our salvation. Follow her as she discovers Christ in his mysteries. Each of them conveys its own grace to warm the heart and illuminate the mind. Thus, Jesus will become ‘someone’ very close to you.

And him entire, with his divine transcendence, his lovable human qualities, his saving dominion over your soul, you receive in the eucharist and adore in the tabernacle. How can the hermit imagine himself to be alone in the desert? How can he talk of the desperate monotony of his days?

Live in this friendship. It has its conditions for being a consolation; and the first is that it should be a real friendship with enriching and comforting exchanges. You have more to receive than to give! And the gift which the Lord expects from you is your receptiveness. These encounters must become a necessity to you. There are many opportunities for them: the sacraments, visits to church, ‘lectio divina’, prayer will put you in intimate conversation with Jesus. Be jealous of your solitude: two is company, three is none. Being with Jesus not only excludes pre-occupation with people but undue interest in things. Learn to be content with him. Many people who think they are with him take all comers into their confidence. Jesus is jealous of your confidence. No one else understands you as well as he does, and no one knows like him how to console and help.

So strong a sense of Christ is rare, even in religion. For the hermit it is a vital necessity if he is to persevere and develop.

You will have no regrets over what you have forsaken, once Jesus has taken this place in your existence. Then truly you will share your meal with him. (Rev 3:20)” THE HERMITAGE WITHIN by A Monk pg. 63

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