History Of My Life

It is 11:35 AM late Wednesday morning in the flow of existence. Earlier today I saw briefly some sunlight and blue sky. Right now it looks like the clouds are rolling in from Lake Michigan. I thought of going for a walk out in the woods this morning and taking pictures of Nature spoiled by man. But I usually do not leave my cell during the afternoon hours. I am a morning person.

I got up this morning around 7 o'clock AM. I got up and made myself oatmeal and a pot of coffee (four cups of coffee). I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I listened to music and wrote in my paper diary. My wife got home from work around 9 o'clock AM. She is off from work the next two nights.

After my wife went to bed for the day I left the house to get coffee beans at Simpatico Coffee down the street from where we live out our ordinary lives. We have been buying Mexico coffee beans from Simpatico for several years. Carol and I really enjoy Simpatico coffee/black and tan beans. There is nothing like a fresh hot cup of coffee as you wait to meet your Judge and Maker. Our souls are eternal. After buying coffee beans I visited two near by thrift stores and found these used books-

"History Of My Life" Six volumes (12 volumes two volumes in each six volumes) by Giacoma Casanova [First Translated Into English In Accordance With The Original French Manuscript by Willard R. Trask] hardback set in perfect condition cost me five dollars-a real find!


"The Ambassadors" a novel by Henry James a nice hardbound edition perfect condition

"Little Scarlet" An Easy Rawlins Novel by Walter Mosley

"Technology, Disease, and Colonial Conquests Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries: Essays Reappraising the Guns and Germs Theories" Edited By George Raudzens

When I got home from running around I wrote in my paper diary and so goes by my existence.

Last night I made videos for my YouTube channel and watched a movie on TV. I have been reading today, "The Legacy Of David Foster Wallace" Edited by Samuel Cohen & Lee Konstantinou [The New American Canon-The Iowa Series in Contemporary Literature and Culture].

I have no plans for the afternoon hours. I need to go fed our birds and then drift through the afternoon hours.


My used set did not come in slip covers :(
History Of My Life
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