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the birth of the National Security System

It is now in the ice flow 4:55 PM Tuesday early evening. Another day has gone by. A super quiet day for me. I mainly read all day "Infinite Jest" and wrote in my paper diary. And watched birds from our kitchen window.

I did leave the house to do an errand and to visit one local thrift store to look at their used books. I found these used books today-

"Counsel To The President: A Memoir" by Clark Clifford With Richard Holbrooke

"Nobody's Angel" a novel by Thomas McGuane (I have another novel by McGuane in our library titled, "The Cadence Of Grass".)

"The Ash Garden" a novel by Dennis Bock

"Within A Budding Grove" a novel by Marcel Proust (I have already a couple editions of this book by Proust, but I bought this edition to keep in my van. I keep used books in my van in case I get stuck someplace and need something to read.)

I received in the mail this afternoon two books-

"Mercy Revealed: A Cross-Centered Look at Christ's Miracles" by Gerald M. Bilkes (Dutch Reformed Spirituality/Theology. I did not buy this book, it was sent to me by Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. With this book came a request asking me to consider donating money to support a new scholarship program. I no longer buy Dutch Reformed theological books. I might buy a Dutch Puritan reprint if one was to come out in the future. I do find Dutch Puritan Spirituality interesting.)

"Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace" travel memoir by David Lipsky

It has been snowing all day here where I am living out my life. There is not much else to report. I will read till I decide to go to bed. I suppose I will close to drift into the evening hours.


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