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Book Collecting Video

Books mentioned in this book collecting video

"Mark Twain In Hawaii Roughing It In The Sandwich Islands/Hawaii in the 1860's"

"Traffics and Discoveries" Stories by Rudyard Kipling

"Bach" by Malcolm Boyd

"Fantasies Of The Master Race: Literature, Cinema and the Colonization of American Indians" by Ward Churchill

"Existentialism" by Thomas Flynn

"The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana" a novel by Umberto Eco

"The Confessions Of Max Tivoli" a novel by Andrew Sean Greer

"The Story of a Marriage" a novel by Andrew Sean Greer

"All The Light We Cannot See" a novel by Anthony Doerr

"Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, And The Biggest Funeral In The History Of The World" memoir by Anthony Doerr

"About Grace" a novel by Anthony Doerr

"Forbidden Territory And Realms Of Strife" memoir by Juan Goytisolo [Translated By Peter Bush]

"The Virtues Of The Solitary Bird" a novel by Juan Goytisolo [Translated by Helen Lane]

"Landscapes of War: From Sarajevo to Chechnya" by Juan Goytisolo [Translated from the Spanish by Peter Bush]

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