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Books mentioned in this book collecting video

"Wittgenstein's Mistress" a novel by David Markson [Afterword by David Foster Wallace]

"Reader's Block" a novel by David Markson

"Pulphead" Essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan

"A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" Essays And Arguments" by David Foster Wallace

"Girl with Curious Hair" a novel by David Foster Wallace

"The Broom of the System" a novel by David Foster Wallace

"Consider The Lobster And Other Essays" by David Foster Wallace

"The Pale King" a novel by David Foster Wallace

"Infinite Jest" a novel by David Foster Wallace

"Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story: A Life Of David Foster Wallace" biography by D. T. Max

"Both Flesh And Not" Essays by David Foster Wallace

Essay in The Atlantic 'The Alchemist's Retort' A mulit-layered postmodern saga of damnation and salvation Review "Infinite Jest" novel by David Foster Wallace by Sven Birkerts February 1996 Issue

Essay in The New York Times/Sunday Book Review 'Everything About Everything: David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest' at 20' by Tom Bissell February 7,2016 edition

In this video I mentioned the writer Sven Birkerts. I have these books by Birkerts-

"The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age" by Sven Birkerts

"The Art Of Time In Memoir Then, Again" by Sven Birkerts

"An Artificial Wilderness: Essays On Twentieth-Century Literature" by Sven Birkerts

"Readings" Essays by Sven Birkerts

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