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train trip to Portland Oregon

It is in the flow 4:25 PM Wednesday late afternoon. Outside it is raining ice. Ugly weather today.

I had a hearing test this morning at 8:20 AM. My left ear has hearing damaged, which I knew already. I see a ear doctor on the 16th of this month to see what can be done to fix my hearing problem. I was home from the hearing test at 9 o'clock AM.

I did leave the house to visit a near by thrift store to look at their used books. I found two used books to ADD to our library this morning-

"With Christ In The School Of Prayer" by Andrew Murray

"Kissing The Virgins Mouth" a novel by Donna M. Gershten

I also bought a used CD Michael Penn 'Free-For-All' at this thrift store.

When I got home I wrote in my paper diary and made a video for my YouTube channel.

I left the house again around 2 o'clock PM to go downtown and get myself take home pizza for something to eat. Before going downtown I decided to stop and see if my friend Tim was home. Tim was home so we talked for awhile. We made a decision to go on our train ride out to Portland Oregon the beginning of August and be back home by the 10th of August.

After visiting with Tim I went downtown and got myself a pizza and came home. So has gone by existence thus far today.

I have not read anything today. I am kind of out of it I suppose. Last night I watched PBS American Experience and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. The last thing I read last night was the book "To A Distant Land" biography/memoir by James McConkey.

I do not know what I will do tonight. I am feeling tired so I might go to bed early. Last night my wife called around 8:30 PM. I expect her to call tonight around the same time. Our days are zooming by!

Well, I will close to look at the SERMONS OF THE REV. JAMES SAURIN two volumes. It will soon be over. No way of escape.

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