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for the love of God

It is now in the blood flow 12:18 PM Tuesday afternoon. I have been drinking coffee and listening to the music of Pearl Jam. I read today that Pearl Jam is going on tour 2016. I think Pearl Jam is great rock n roll band. There are not many if any true rock n roll bands these days. Well I do think Bob Mould is a great rock n roller. Right now I can not think of anybody else. I just remembered that I think Sleater Kinney is a great rock band.

So Time goes by for me. I am feeling restless, but not in the mood to go out into the cold dead American world/Babylon the Great Whore. So I sit inside my cozy cell rocking to the music of Pearl Jam and waiting for the blood moon to rise out of the East.

I have had this Prayer found in a book I have been recently reading titled, "The Garden Of Paradise Or Holy Prayers And Exercises Whereby the Christian graces and virtues may be planted and improved in man, the divine image renewed, true Christianity promoted, the kingdom of God established and a heavenly life raised up in the Spirit" by John Arndt.


O Thou most loving God, bountiful and gracious Father. Thou fountain and original source of all love and kindness, bounty and goodness, grace and mercy; I do lament and confess unto Thee with grief and sorrow, that all the divine love wherewith I should love Thee above all things is by original sin so far extinguished and deadened in me, so that by nature I am more bent and inclined to love myself and the creature than Thee, my most merciful Father, who ought to be the only object of my love and affections. This depravity of mind is the reason that I have not loved Thee hitherto sincerely and above all things, Who are my dearest Creator and Father; nor Jesus Christ my only Redeemer and Saviour, nor the Holy Ghost, the true Comforter of my soul. And yet Thou alone art the highest and neverfading good, which ought to be loved always, and above all things.

O pardon this my grievous sin and folly, and turn away from me that dreadful sentence, declared in Thy word: If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema and Maranatha.. (1 Cor.16:22) Destroy in me, O Lord, all inordinate love to the world and the creature, to myself, to mine own honour and interest, together with all the lust of the flesh, the lust of eyes, and pride of life (I John 2:16), by which the hearts of men are turned away and alienated from Thee.

Kindle in me, by Thy spirit, the pure and undefiled flame of Thy love, that I may love Thee as the sublimest good, as the eternal love, as the supreme benignity, as the most amiable beauty, as the most transcendent goodness, as the most essential holiness, as the purest truth, righteousness, and wisdom: and in brief, as all good, and an everlasting spring of all beauty and goodness. Grant that I may love Thee with all my heart, and without any mercenary regard to a recompense or reward, but purely for Thine own sake; that I may also freely submit my heart, will, understanding, to Thee alone, keeping with joy Thy commandments, and cheerfully doing Thy will; for therein the true love of God doth consist. (John 14:21).

O Lord Jesus Christ, let the fervent love of Thy pure heart warm and inflame my cold and frozen heart; let the gentle love of Thy undefiled soul, enlighten my dark and benighted soul. Let the love of Thy noble and elevated mind raise also my mind and senses above this world, and fill them with the fatness of Thy house; let the love of Thy divine power strengthen the powers of my body and soul in Thy love, that for the sake of Thy love I may leave and forsake all that is displeasing to Thee, and may do and suffer whatsoever is pleasing in Thy sight, and therein continue firm to the end of my life. For thus to love Thee is the highest wisdom, and he that finds her, loves her, for he sees what marvellous works are wrought by love.

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