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he is leading you to the world of light, and life, and love, and joy

It is now in the flow 1:06 PM Sunday afternoon. It is a cold dreary winter day here by Lake Michigan. I came across something in Richard Baxter's book A CHRISTIAN DIRECTORY that is a commentary on Psalm 23 verse 3 "He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake."

"Direction II. Always remember whither you are going; that you are preparing for everlasting rest and joy, and must pass through the righteous judgment of the Lord; and that Christ is your Guide and Governor, but to bring you safely home, as the Captain of your salvation; and that sin is a rejection of his help, and of your happiness.-Think not that God doth rule you as a tyrant, to your hurt or ruin, to make his own advantage of you; or by needless laws, that have no respect to your good and safety; but think of him, as one that is conducting you to eternal life, and would guide you by his counsel, and afterwards take you to his glory. Think that he is leading you to the world of light, and life, and love, and joy, where there are rivers of pleasure, and fulness of delight for evermore, that you may see his face, and feel his love, among the world of blessed spirits; and not be weeping and gnashing the teeth, with impious, impenitent souls. And is not such a government as this desirable? Is is but like the government of a physician, to save his patient's life. Or like your government of your children, which is necessary to their good, that cannot feed or rule themselves. Or like a pilot's governing the ship, which is conveying you to possess a kingdom: if the mariners obey him, they may safely arrive at the desired port; but if they disobey him, they are all cast away and perish. And should such a government as this is seem grievous to you? or should it not be most acceptable, and accurately obeyed?" pg. 77 CHRISTIAN ETHICS Richard Baxter

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