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Book Collecting Video

the books mentioned in this video

"The Garden Of Paradise Or Holy Prayers And Exercises Whereby the Christian graces and virtues may be planted and improved in man, the divine image renewed, true Christianity promoted, the kingdom of God established and a heavenly life raised up in the Spirit" by John Arndt

"True Christianity" by Johann Arndt [The Classics Of Western Spirituality]

"The Hermitage Within" by A Monk

"Alone With God" by Dom Jean Leclercq

"In the School of Love: An Anthology of Early Cistercian Texts"

"Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account" by Keven J. Vanhoozer & Daniel J. Treier

"The Pastor As Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision" by Kevin J. Vanhoozer & Owen Strachan

"Commentary On The Psalm" 2 volumes in 1 by J. J. Stewart Perowne

"Psalms 1-72" Old Testament VII Reformation Commentary On Scripture Edited By Herman J. Selderhuis

"Iris Murdoch: A Life" biography by Peter J. Conradi

"Living on Paper: Letters From Iris Murdoch 1934-1995" Edited By Avril Horner & Anne Rowe

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