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half time report

I am down in the lower level of our home writing on my lap top. It is half time and I thought I would quote something I read this evening in the book "Alone with God" by Dom Jean Leclercq-

"If in the midst of actions so numerous and so great anyone can pass for idle, inactive, and subject to boredom, I confess that I am content to be, and even choose to be idle and inactive in that way rather than to be active in the manner of those who love the world. Of this I am not ashamed. Rather I am proud of being chosen to be in Your service, Lord Jesus Christ, and to be disdained and taken for inactive and useless. Being a religious and a solitary, I leave to others the worldly and civil affairs in which they suppose themselves to be so active, so nobly employed, so important. In return for their opinion of us, I consider them to be like those children who fashion little houses of straw and mud and play all day with pebbles as if with precious gems, a laughingstock in their simplicity. When I see worldlings engrossed and busy all day long with earthly matters, which are nothing but pieces of straw, when I see them place such a high value on the treasures of this earth, which are but mud and pebbles, then I cannot say that I laugh, but I feel a great pity. Knowing that this world passes away and that nothing in it can endure, I am stranger to it as much as I can be by leading a religious life in solitude. All my thoughts and desires, are to direct my steps to the true homeland in heaven. Weak as I am, as much as I can I spur on and invite others to the same destination. On this path, which to me seems nowise idle or inactive but rather active and laborious, I ever praise You, my Lord, and strive to know and to love You always, until through Your clemency alone, I may reach that land where I can endlessly and perfectly know You, and love You, and eternally praise You. There may I sleep and rest in peace with You, rest in the peace that is not inactive and idle but is more laborious than any other occupation, the peace which You enjoy, and with You all the blessed spirits. Amen." pg. 70

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