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the one gospel elicits many cultural receptions

It is in the flow of existence 10:41 AM Wednesday morning. Outside this morning it is gray damp and warm. We are predicted to get severe thunderstorms this afternoon.

I was up this morning around 6:30 AM. Carol immediately wanted to go grocery shopping before it got too busy in the stores so I got dressed and we left to go grocery shopping.

When we got home we put away the supplies and I made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast I wrote in my paper diary and have been reading from a book titled, "Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account" by Kevin J. Vanhoozer & Daniel J. Treier.

Not much else to report this morning. Last night Carol went to bed early and I read late into the night the novel, "Monkey's Uncle" by Jenny Diski. I slept poorly last night so right now I feel drained. Well I will close to drift through the day. I am thinking of reading soon the novel "Ada" by Vladimir Nabokov.

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