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The Weekends Gift Box

It is in the death flow 4:57 PM Tuesday late afternoon. It is already getting dark this time of day. Is it late afternoon or early evening? Weird.

I had a normal day thus far. Carol left this afternoon to take fresh soup to a friend who is dying of cancer. We knew this Christian family when we were members of Messiah Independent Reformed Church here in this area. The wife is dying at home hear her husband and two sons. One son is married with no children. It is real sad for me to know the husband is watching his wife slowly die. I can't begin to fathom the sorrow this husband is experiencing each day. All I can do is pray for this family. The family is Christian so the Lord is near giving grace/dying grace. So Carol is with this family bringing them a hot meal and giving support. My wife has seen a lot of death as a nurse and can be of comfort to the dying. Whereas I collapse when I am near death. I would like to visit this family but the sorrow would be too painful for me to bear/face. I am weak whereas my wife is strong when face to face with death/dying process.

I did leave the house late this morning to visit two local thrift stores. I found only two used books to add to our library today-

"The Meaning Of Jesus: Two Visions" by Marcus J. Borg & N.T. Wright

"On Beauty" a novel by Zadie Smith

I have been looking at this evening a book titled, "The Consumer" by M. Gira. I listened to a review of this book last night in YouTube. From this video I discovered this book is worth around $200.00 dollars. M. Gira is a musician and lead singer of the group the Swans.

YouTube review "The Consumer" by M. Gira

I do not know what we will do this evening. We received in the mail a gift box of goodies from Zingerman's/a Christmas gift from Andy, Beth, Louisa and Margaret. We also received a book gift card from Caleb, Emily, & Josephine Joy yesterday in the mail. We are wondering what our son Josiah and his wife Hannah got for us for Christmas this year.

The last book I attempted to read today was titled, "Old Testament Theology" Volume Three "Israel's Life" by John Goldingay.

Well, I will close to go into the darkness. There is no way of escape. "As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness" Psalm 17:15

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