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His love will never let me fall

I am safe in Jesus’ keeping every day,
And His love will never let me fall;
Round about me are His loving arms alway,
He’s my Savior and my all in all.


His love will never let me fall,
His love will never let me fall,
He leads the way both night and day,
His love will never let me fall.

When my heart grows weary with the toil and strife,
And the way seems almost hid from view;
Then He speaks to me in gracious words of life
That in weakness oft my strength renew.


’Tis a joy and blessèd comfort thus to know
That my Lord will never leave my side;
On the sea, or on the land, where’er I go,
In His mighty love I will abide.


Every day the blessings of His love I see,
Every day He gives me of His grace;
From the snares of sin He’ll ever keep me free,
Till I look upon His blessèd face.


"Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me under the shadow of Your wings" Psalm 17:8

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