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one of the deepest desires we have as Christians is to know the voice of Jesus

It is in the life flow 5:07 PM Friday night. I had a normal day thus far. Carol has been gone since Noon time. I hope we see each other again before the end of the old creation. We never know when death will strike one of us down. We could be a victim of a terrorist attack or a car wreck.

Carol and I got up around 6:30 AM this morning and went out for breakfast. When we got home from going out for breakfast Carol made chex mix and after that we went for a walk at Windmill Island and then Kollen Park. This morning it was sunny and cold. When we got home from our walk I ate food and down loaded the pictures I took on our walk.

Carol left at Noon to visit friends and go to a tea. I spent the day writing in my diary and reading a book I received in the mail titled, "Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account" by Kevin J. Vanhoozer & Daniel J. Treier.

Not much else to report. I do not know what I will do tonight. Last night I read my books and went to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Yesterday I mainly read from a book titled, "The Voice Of Jesus: Discernment, Prayer and the Witness of the Spirit" by Gordon T. Smith.

I forgot to mention that last night Carol and I went out to do errands and to visit thrift stores. At these thrift stores I found some used books to add to our library.

Well more could be written but I am tired so I will close to wait. Tomorrow morning I once again volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library used books store from 10 o'clock AM till 1 PM. I plan to watch college football tomorrow if I do not die in my sleep.

Kollen Park
Kollen Park

Kollen Park

Kollen Park

Kollen Park

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