the final countdown

It is 10:35 PM Thursday night. I have been sitting in the dark resting my brain. My wife has gone to bed for the night.

This evening my wife and I went out to do errands. While out we visited thrift stores so I could look at used books. I found these used books to add to our library. Every retired farm hand should have a library.

"Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay" Natural History by William W. Warner

"The Ghost Soldiers" Poems by James Tate

"Brookland" a novel by Emily Barton

"Walt Whitman: The Song Of Himself" Biography by Jerome Loving

"Crossing the Lines" a novel by Melvyn Bragg

"Anthill" a novel by E. O. Wilson

"Cheever: A Life" Biography by Blake Bailey
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