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we experience the knowledge of God within the complexities of human experience

It is in the flow 10:13 AM Tuesday morning. Outside the sun is shining and it is cold. I should go someplace while the sun is shining. This morning I had a doctor's appointment-my six month physical. I am in good shape for an old man.

I am really not in the mood to write this morning. Lately I have been thinking of stop writing here, but I most likely will keep writing since it is so easy to do. It is easy to write about nothing.

I already wrote about last night. I made a video last night about Monday so I won't repeat myself.

I suppose I will close since this is going nowhere. This morning I have been reading, "Theology As Discipleship" by Keith L. Johnson. Last night I read my books and watched Monday Night Football. Now it is another day to seek the Lord. Existence keeps zooming by!

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