reviewing a novel from a Christian perspective

It is in the flow of my rainy life 9:14 PM Wednesday night. I failed to mention earlier that I read for several hours the novel "City On Fire" by Garth Risk Hallberg today. The novel has been described as epic due to it's length 903 pages. I am on page 193 thus far. Some of my regular readers of my public diary know I have a YouTube channel where I mention the books I am currently reading or books that I have bought used at thrift stores. I have as of yet not done a video where I discuss in-depth a novel or some other book I have read or am currently reading. To be honest I do not know how to go about reviewing a novel from a Christian perspective. If I was to make a video about a novel I would have to make value judgments. For example do I agree with the world and life view of the characters in the novel. Do I agree with the ethics or the politics set forth in this novel i.e. "City On Fire".

I tend to examine the structure of the novel I am currently reading. I ask myself are the characters in the novel believable? Is this novel worth reading?

Do moral values exist in reality?

In reading the novel, "City On Fire" I am constantly wondering where the story or stories are leading to. The novel is cut up into seven sections/Seven Books. I am currently in Book 2 in the novel. The novel has several characters and the novel thus far is telling the life stories of these characters and how they are all connected to a shooting of a girl named Sam in Central Park New York City 1977 New Years Eve. The novel is also about New York City in the 1970's. The writer of the novel seeks to reveal different views/realities of New York city from the characters lives for example the punk music scene or the lives of the super rich. I do not know how to set forth the complexity of this massive novel. I have not gotten bored yet with the novel, even though I find the lives of the characters depressing. In one review I read said all the characters in the novel are lonely/loners. That is a theme one could trace out in this novel.

interview with Garth Risk Hallberg

I keep wondering when I will get to the part in the novel where there is a massive black out in New York City.

Well, I thought I would share some thoughts about the novel, "City On Fire".

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